Tails of the AfterGlow’s Hints ft. The Insights of a Pioneer’s Perspective on the Current Crypto Situation

Tails of the AfterGlow
3 min readJun 21, 2022

On tonight’s AMA with Boss B (June 17), aside from Tails of the AfterGlow discussions, the Bear Market became a hot topic. Thus, it is an excellent time to ask Benn about managing FUDs. So, he said that this is when we should OBSERVE a lot. Other than that, this time is an opportunity to make more time for the family, to take care of ourselves, such as doing exercises, and of course, to continue reading news and asking for updates about the situation in crypto.

Hence, it is also vital for us to “Believe in the vision of what we invested in.”

Bear Market doesn’t always mean that it would always be like that. After the bear days or maybe months, there would always be a bull market to come. Like how life goes, crypto has ups and downs, and in the end, all who waited and persevered will get what they deserve.

As we always hear in the metaverse, “Only invest on what you can afford to lose.”

Someone also asked about their plans for TAG, given its decreasing floor price. Benn responded that lesser supplies due to the burning of the rest of the PFPs mean higher demand and, hopefully, higher floor price.

Another question arises from the audience: why TAG can’t have all the supplies sold out. Benn responded that TAG compared to other NFTs, is not an easy flip as its benefit to the holder varies a lot. As a result, another curious audience asked if this means burning the supply, which will happen by the end of June, then the other milestones won’t be accomplished. Benn then responded that this is when the revamping of the roadmap happens, which also means more benefits to TAG holders. With that, someone reminded Tails of the AfterGlow’s plan to partner with small businesses. It doesn’t mean that changing the roadmap would void TAG’s plan on partnering with small businesses to promote and grow together. Benn said that the TAG team is open to having partnerships just by sending them a request. Furthermore, as someone asked if there would be another TAG meetup, he said there is none, but the holders can have access to the Bootcamp through proper scheduling.

Moreover, for the updates on scholarships, Real Deal Guild acquired 73 nodes for the Alpha holders on Myria, an ecosystem of blockchain gaming infrastructure focused on creating a new standard in the metaverse. This allows players to play a wide range of games, where they can build their virtual houses, socialize, and many more.

Finally, there would be an airdrop to the holders, especially those who haven’t had the chance to attend the last meetup at Geluk Gentri and did not have their merchandise. Benn said there still are more than 100 t-shirts left, which can be given through giveaways and raffles.



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