Tails of the AfterGlow NFT Burning Update

Tails of the AfterGlow
2 min readJul 17, 2022

Last July 12, Tails of the AfterGlow officially closed the minting site. Its primary goal is to move forward with the plans made for the holders.

Now that we have locked the supply, you may see your final rank here. We also updated the website by focusing on the benefits prepared for every TAG Holder. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, click here and read more about it.

What’s new?

  • Reduced total supply of 4266 foxes from 7777 TAG NFTs
  • Conversion of Roadmap Activation to TAG Holder Benefits, which was divided into three categories: Gamma, Beta, and Alpha
  • Partnership Perks
  • Updated Frequently Asked Questions — TAG’s Goal and Mission and alternative way of purchasing the NFT

TAG Holder Benefits

The Tails of the AfterGlow team is currently in the process of giving away scholarships, especially TAG holders who were given an Alpha role. We have already secured lands and slots from different P2E games, such as Rebel Bots; however, they have not been released yet. We’ll give them away as soon as possible, though!

TAG Holders will also have their profit shares to TAG revenue — 2%, 3%, and 5% for Gamma, Beta, and Alpha, respectively. Furthermore, expect huge drops and giveaways for all, which was the RunBlox recently. Lastly, NFT Holder Tier 3 — Alpha will have the privilege of having Private and Pre-sale Access to all future drops.

Partnership Perks

Currently, many businesses are asking for a partnership with Tails of the AfterGlow. But, the team still needs to review them all and make them official. We’ll also make a formal announcement for this, so you can fill out the required information to affiliate with us and have a chance to promote them to the community. In addition, discounts and merchandise will also be given exclusively to TAG holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

The team aligned Tails of the AfterGlow’s Goal and Mission with its creator — Real Deal Guild, which is to give economic opportunities to all who made all these possible. Not only that, we are aware that through RDG, they put their complete trust in the project that some of them might have TAG as their first NFT. Hence, we also want to maximize the platform to educate all holders about the possibilities of crypto. Lastly, to those asking if they can still purchase TAG, the secondary market — OpenSea, is open where you can snipe some dope-looking foxes. Still, we advise you to wait for the privileges given alongside because this is just the start of Tails of the AfterGlow’s journey!



Tails of the AfterGlow

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