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4 min readJul 31, 2022

Mothers, the light of the home (ilaw ng tahanan), are not just a family but our best friends for most. Our fifth entry of Flex your TAG, Flex your Story! is one of the loving mothers in crypto. She probably came to the metaverse driven by her love for her children to give all the world can offer. Being a mother is a demanding role in our cruel society to fulfill, and as a human, they may still make mistakes. However, we cannot deny how they became selfless even from the start, from knowing that a human is growing inside their womb to giving birth and nurturing them every day. So, let us read and admire Jona on how she described herself as only a plain housewife to becoming a mother achieving the dreams she had with her family.

“Una akong naging scholar ni Boss B sa Axie Infinity last July 5, 2021 hanggang sa nakasabay na ako sa ibang P2E games like PvU, Pegaxy, at Starbots. Laking gaan sa buhay namin dahil noon walang wala kami. Plain housewife lang ako at nag-aalaga ng 3 naming anak. Ang asawa ko ay isang tricycle driver na after 3 days na naging scholar ako sa Axie ay nakuha rin siya ng Matrix Infinity. After ilang buwan, isa ako sa 500 active members ng RDG na nakuha sa TAG as IMMORTAL. Ang saya ko kasi yung mga dati kong naging kaibigan sa RDG lobby ay nakakausap ko ulit sa TAG DC server. Napakadami kong natutunan sa mga tao na naging parte ng achievements namin ngayon lalong lalo na kay Boss B, Madam TP, Madam Hello, at iba pang members ng TAG. Nabili namin ‘yung mga dating pangarap lang ng mga anak namin na hindi namin matikman noong wala pa kami sa P2E/crypto world. Ang unang pinakamasayang event sa TAG na nasaksihan ko in person ay yung meet and greet sa GELUK GENTRI na hindi ko ine-expect na makakasama ko ‘yung mga idols ko at lalong lalo na makakwentuhan sila Boss B, Boss Shanks, Madam TP, Madam Hezelya, Madam Ratched, Boss KLAO at madami pang iba. Sobrang saya ng experience na ‘yun at alam kong hindi pa huli ‘yun. Mas lalo pa ‘kong maraming natutunan sa Cryptuhan w/Boss B; more events and knowledge about crypto and sa mga susunod pang NFTs na ib-build ng RDG & TAG. I am so happy to be part of this one of a kind community that helps and builds each other’s knowledge and traits to be successful in the near future. ❤ #TAGLife #TAGbyRDG”


Now that you’ve met Jona, we know she was also one of Benn’s scholars. However, what’s unique about her is that she is a mother giving what she knew was best for her children, even in unfamiliar ways, just to get through. At first, she introduced herself as a plain housewife and her husband as a tricycle driver. Now, she’s very grateful to Matrix Infinity, a sub-guild of Real Deal Guild, for an opportunity given to both of them to grow more as a family. It became their stepping stone until Jona eventually became tagged as Immortal for a whitelist slot on Tails of the AfterGlow to minting the NFT and becoming a Gamma, and finally, meet the bosses and featured foxes of Real Deal Guild.

You know what? Sometimes, a mother just won’t show her children her weaknesses. But, the truth is, despite the strong aura, an Armalite mouth, which sometimes may be annoying (Haha! Kidding aside!), she’s doing her very best to gain something and fulfill her children’s wishes. And that’s what Jona did.

Remember Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty? Despite being classified as a villain, Maleficent’s unconditional love for Aurora was seen when she stood up like her mother in her version of the story and said this:

“I swear, no harm will come to you as long as I live. And not a day shall pass that I don’t miss your smile.”

What a touching story, isn’t it?

Being a mother during the pandemic was undoubtedly difficult for Jona. Of course, every mother wants to see their children happy without restrictions. But, she managed to escape the obstacles, which is a courageous thing to do. So, let us see your reactions to our fifth Flex your TAG, Flex your Story by using #FoxesForFoxes!

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