Flex your TAG, Flex your Story: Kaka-cellphone mo ‘yan!

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3 min readOct 2, 2022


Students nowadays rely more on technology. So, people cannot see whether they use it for productivity. But, these helped students with convenient learning though it’s unfortunate that not all can afford it. So, if they want something, they try to earn money from commissions or save as much as they can.

Meanwhile, this student has a mobile phone and, like most, was searching for a passive income. Who would not want money, right? Money is the most essential thing we need right now to live. Practicality-wise, especially in the marginalized society, they can buy happiness because they haven’t experienced it. That is because they usually only worry about how they can provide for their needs. So, our entry for today is another persevering student who eventually landed in the world of crypto:

“I’m only a regular student with no passive income. During the pandemic, my classmate told me that there’s a game where you can earn thru playing. It’s called Axie infinity. At first, I’m doubting him until he me sent a proof na nakaka-earn siya sa ganoong paraan. So, doon na nag-start ‘yung interest ko na pumasok sa Discord and was hoping to be a scholar noon. Then, naging scholar na ako within 3 months of grinding. Doon na ako nagstart na pasukin ang mundo ng crypto. It’s so difficult for me to explain, especially to my grandparents na always pinapagalitan ako then naging ok na rin sa kanila since nakikita naman nila na nakaka-earn nga ako sa ganoon. Before, they always say “Kaka-cellphone mo ‘yan, wala ka namang napapala.” Until, it turned into “Ayan sa kaka-cellphone niya, kumikita na siya.” At, may isa pa akong natutunan sa RDG, which is ‘yung “samahan mo yung taong sinamahan ka.”


Micro is definitely relatable to Gen Z because they always hear a lot when they try to use their gadget like “Cellphone ka nang cellphone,” and the most famous line when something happens, “Kaka-cellphone mo yan,” even though they weren’t connected. Sometimes it could be annoying, but it’s also true that people nowadays bond more with their cellphones. It’s just that our era is more advanced with the hi-technologies that people can’t almost live without them.

However, Micro proved that what they do is something to be proud of. Their grandparents’ “Kaka-cellphone mo ‘yan, wala ka namang napapala,” became “Ayan sa kaka-cellphone niya, kumikita na siya.” And that’s because of crypto, real quick! With that, he also obtained two Tails of the AfterGlow NFTs and was given a Gamma role. Kudos to you, Micro, for being a hardworking student!

It was nice that at such a young age, Micro felt the need to invest in Tails of the AfterGlow. From a student with no passive income, Micro’s P2E scholarship and investment will surely lead them to something great that their grandparents could be proud of!

So, who’s also a student here like Micro? Don’t be shy and comment on our social media page posts! Still, remember that you, students, should remember that education is still the most important thing you need to focus on rather than anything. Finally, let us see your reactions using #FoxesForFoxes for our eighth Flex your TAG, Flex your Story!

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