Flex your TAG, Flex your Story: Is Love Blind?

Tails of the AfterGlow
4 min readSep 11, 2022

They say love is blind. Blind in a way that despite the flaws or the not-so-good qualities of someone, you will still love them. However, if one is in love, does we always see the bad side?

Because for some, what happens is that even though the people around them tell them to stop because of the negative qualities they see, they still try to argue that those are not why we choose them every day. It’s just that the positive attributes and the bond between the people in a relationship are what keep people from going that not everyone else knows.

Our topic is love because our entry for today is about Cleng falling in love… with a fox? Well, not literally, but let’s read how Cleng passed the obstacles to prove they appreciated and loved every bit of the Tails of the AfterGlow.

“At first, noong narinig ko na magkakaroon nga ng NFT Project ang RDG, syempre na-excite ako. Grabe ba naman ‘yung glow up and mararating ng guild na kinabibilangan ko. Wala naman kasi ako idea sa mga NFT Arts kaya dahil sa TAG namulat ako tungkol doon. Napasama rin ako sa Immortals dahil sa sobrang kadaldalan ko sa RDG. Rank 30+ ako sa MEE6 edi automatic pasok ako dahil kinuha ‘yung Top 500. ‘Yun pa lang ang saya na mas lalo pa noong inannounce ‘yung mga perks na makukuha namin. Pero, di nagtagal paunti-unting nagtetease ang mga RDG Cores about sa magiging itsura noong art, and grabe. Ang ganda. Ang cool ng art style at mas lalong nakakacool yung story about Tails of the Afterglow. I loved the storyline eme (tnx po sa mga writers! salute) Kaya mas naexcite ako na makabili dahil sa art, nakalimutan ko na na may perks pala. Kumbaga bonus na lang ‘yun para sa akin. Then, dumating na ‘yung minting date, bumili ako ng dalawa. Isa sa akin at isa sa bf ko (ehe :>>>) jk onleh. Gusto ko kasi parehas kami meron. Ayoko ‘yung feeling na ako lang ‘yung meron haha. Sa sobrang kaba ko mag-mint dahil sa isip ko baka mag-crash ‘yung site (first time, sorry!) namint ko ‘yung TAG #138💗 I met my fox and ang cool niya. Gustong gusto ko ‘yung mata nIya parang “makuha ka sa tingin” ‘yung peg HAHAHA then fast forward, nakasama rin pala ako sa first gathering ng mga TAG Holders, and ang saya. Ang dami kong nameet na dati nakakausap ko lang sa Discord. Grabe yung experience. ‘Di ko ‘yun makalilimutan. Thank you for this opportunity! And, katulad ng lagi kong sinasabi, I’m forever grateful sa RDG, especially kay Boss B pati na rin sa TAG Team. Thank you po sa efforts ninyo. Highly appreciated!💗💗”


Cleng is a loyal member of the Real Deal Guild, or we can consider one of the OGs. An Immortal role before the minting means you are one of the actives on the Discord channel, and Cleng is one of them. Because of that, getting a whitelist spot was never an issue for her. But then, Cleng is different, unlike the others who see the Tails of the AfterGlow as another economic opportunity. They saw the true essence of the project — the art and its beauty, with the perks only being a bonus.

So, we think love is not blind. We are not blind; we learn how to truly appreciate the things we can see and love them and not turn a blind eye to what’s wrong. Cleng showed that the Tails of the AfterGlow is worthy as it is without the perks, and because of the community they are in, they loved it more. Cleng even shared it with their special someone because they think highly of the project and had fun at the Skulk’s Den.

Because of your neverending support, the team is very grateful to you and the Real Deal Guild and Tails of the AfterGlow communities. And we will try to continuously live up to your expectations by providing the best we can offer to the Web3 community.

Did you all fall in love at first sight with the foxes of the Tails of the AfterGlow? Don’t worry! I think we all have. Plus, the perks make them more lovable! So, continue to tame your foxes like the Little Prince did and be one of the actives because it may mean something in the future, like how Cleng got their Immortal role!

Let us see who among you fell in love with the Tails of the AfterGlow since the teasers by using #FoxesForFoxes for our seventh Flex your TAG, Flex your Story!

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