Flex your TAG, Flex your Story: If It’s Mean to Be, It’ll Be

Tails of the AfterGlow
4 min readAug 28, 2022

Sometimes, life is like travelling. We must go through rough roads, checkpoints, and other obstacles when we only want a smooth and joyous ride. Cza’s journey was a lot like that. Crypto is unpredictable, just as life is. With that, Cza needed to seek possibilities to overcome the dilemma they were encountering — to go through a maze and solve puzzles until they made it through the exit and see what awaited her in the end.

Is it just luck? Nah, we think Cza is just too persevered to solve the puzzle herself. So, come and join us on our walk through Cza’s maze-like TAG journey!

“My TAG journey started from day 1 when the TAG discord server has officially launch. I am at RDG since February and I already new that the RDG will be launching its own NFT so I am already holding $VIS for me to mint TAG. Pero noong malapit na s’ya lumabas, hindi enough yung $VIS na naipon ko for me to mint the NFT. I ground all day and all night for me to have a WL spot to be prioritized in minting. Then, the moment I got a WL spot, namomroblema na ako kung saan ako kukuha ng pang-mint because by that time, $VIS’s worth is not that high. ‘Yung naipon kong $VIS and the price of the $VIS is not enough for me to mint. So, ang ginawa ko sa $VIS ko, pinambili ko nalang ng pega and sabi ko sa sarili ko, “Bahala na if I am going to mint or not.” Bali naging pega owner ako and mayroong dumating na blessings sa akin. I won a pega giveaway kay Boss Qee and another pega from Boss Ken then noong malapit na talaga ang minting hindi ako mapakali on what I am going to do kasi I really wanted to mint TAG by that time since I am already whitelisted; ang problem ko nalang is funds. So, a night before the minting of TAILS OF THE AFTERGLOW, since I already have 3 pegas, I decided to sell my one pega at the cost of $100. I tried to sell at a cost of $100 and hindi ko ine-expect that my pega will be sold after 7 minutes na nilist ko sa market place. I am very happy by that time because the pega that I sold was 2/7 BC and I didn’t expected that it will be sold out as easy as it is. So, my 100 USDT ay pinalit ko kaaagad ng $MATIC and ang kinalabasan lang is 60 $MATIC. Ang ginawa ko na sa kulang is binenta ko yung isang slot ko ng whitelist for 15 $MATIC. Ayon, solved ang minting ko ng TAG. I am a RDG PEGAXY SCHOLAR who turned out to be a pega owner that was able to mint my first ever Tails of the AfterGlow NFT. Special thanks to Boss Ken of Pegaxy Team and of course to Boss Qee of RDG.” Cza

Cza’s Day 1 is Real Deal Guild. Therefore, the moment they knew that Tails of the AfterGlow was a new guild project, they did not hesitate to support and desire to own it despite the circumstances. Remember those days when the bear market just started? Despite the cost of $MATIC becoming lower, those scholars who are only depending on their $VIS’s earnings were awfully devastated that what they supposedly thought was enough for minting was reduced to almost no value.

However, this incident didn’t stop Cza from owning the Tails of the AfterGlow NFT. Instead, Cza ground all day until her blessings came, which are two pegas that surprisingly became her key to the exit. The image from the puzzle Cza thought they couldn’t see eventually was revealed as one of the unique foxes from the Tails of the AfterGlow.

Just like Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia said from the song — Meant to Be,

“If it’s meant to be, it’ll be, it’ll be.”

The song line summarizes Cza’s journey since we believe they are meant to be at Real Deal Guild.

Many of us might relate that Real Deal Guild is also their Day 1. That’s why just like Cza, we’ll do our best to support the guild in any way we can. Cza showed their loyalty, which is probably why the odds favored them.

So, did you do the same as Cza last Tails of the AfterGlow minting? Let us see who among you are part of and supporting the guild since the very start by posting using #FoxesForFoxes for our sixth Flex your TAG, Flex your Story!

Got another heartwarming, tear-jerker, funny, or nakakakilig na story to tell? Tails of the AfterGlow by Real Deal Guild are giving you all an opportunity to be heard by the community!

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Tails of the AfterGlow

TAG along and explore the world of these unique NFT Foxes and experience more than just owning a digital asset.