Flex your TAG, Flex your Story: Icy What You Did There!

Tails of the AfterGlow
3 min readJul 24, 2022

Life has endless possibilities. Sometimes we feel like we’re moving in circles, thinking about which way to go out, but we just need to figure out how we’ll go up again when we experience some downs. And… that’s life — a rollercoaster ride.

Let’s know how Ely navigated their way despite how difficult life can be by reading through their story.

“Scholar po ako ng Pegaxy. Nag shared profit lang ako dati hanggang sa nalaman ko na kapag nag subscribe ka sa Twitch ni Boss Qee makakakuha ka ng 3 months Pegaxy scholar. Nakaipon ako, nakabili ng sariling pega, pero kulang na pangbili ng TAG NFT hanggang sa nagkaroon ng liga dito sa amin ng basketball. Syempre madalas kailangan ng yelo, e laging nauubos yelo ng tita ko sa tindahan nila; may ref naman kami kaya madami kaming nagagawang yelo pero hindi naibebenta kaya inalok ko tita ko na ibenta yung mga yelo na nagagawa namin hanggang sa nakaipon ako ng 780 pesos. Dinagdagan ko na lang ng naipon kong VIS kahit mababa palitan ng VIS pinalit ko na para makabili ako ngayon (May 20, 2022). Kaya gusto kong bumili ng TAG NFT dahil madaming perks ito na pwedeng makuhang scholar kaya pinagsikapan ko ito.”


“Kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto palaging merong paraan.” — a line from Rico Blanco’s famous song — Antukin. It was remarkable because it’s true. We seem to find excuses and try to escape with something we don’t want; otherwise, if we want something badly, we go through hoops just to achieve it, even if it takes blood, sweat, and tears.

Ely proved that by finding ways while eyeing the goal — to mint Tails of the AfterGlow. They started by being a scholar, then eventually had their own horse in Pegaxy, and even tried out selling ice, which undeniably could take time before saving up money for TAG. However, despite possible doubt from others or even themselves, Ely did it. They minted TAG #1541 and got a Gamma role.

With that, Ely is an epitome of Tails of the AfterGlow’s holders that in the community, they all have what it takes to aim for the goal as they do not know the definition of giving up. Ely’s story is very motivating indeed because, in all honesty, they can do a lot with that money, but Ely saw TAG’s worth behind the pictures — its purpose and benefits to the holders, which was lovely.

Ely’s dedication to owning TAG was incredible. I hope it made you, foxes, look up to Ely and have them act as your role model or motivation for what you want to achieve, not just in crypto. So, let us see your reactions to our fourth Flex your TAG, Flex your Story by using #FoxesForFoxes!

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