Flex your TAG, Flex your Story: Friends Don’t Lie

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3 min readJul 10, 2022

“Nothing happens until something moves.”, says Albert Einstein.

Learning crypto works like that. If one is new in the metaverse, nothing will happen if one doesn’t make a move to becoming a scholar or investing in anything. Let’s be honest, many of us entered crypto because of the money; to earn. One can’t achieve anything if they just wait for someone to give them scholarships or a game to play.

Shanice here is one example that she achieved something because Shanice persevered and proved that she could reach more than what she already had in life. So, by reading this inspirational passage, let’s know more about her story.


“I’ve been working in a BPO company for 13 yrs, and I didn’t know anything about crypto/NFT until one of my friends told me about Axie and tried researching the game. That is when I came across RDG; though I don’t even know how to use Discord, I still downloaded it and learned how to use it. I was an aspiring Axie scholar by that time and found new friends who are well versed in crypto/NFT. And that is when I became more interested in learning about crypto. My new friends and I formed a group to help each other, and we tried flipping NFT and trading. We also invested in some NFT games and, eventually, were able to help others like how our managers helped us before. I learned a lot about crypto and found new friends. When I first heard about TAG NFT, I knew I would buy one to support the project and enjoy the perks as a plus. And who would have thought I would be one of the lucky TAG holders to attend the meet and greet last May 7? Also looking forward to being one of the lucky holders to have access to the boot camp. My name is Shanice, and a proud TAG holder.”


Anyone who still can’t move on with Stranger Things here? Remember when Eleven said, “Friends don’t lie.”? That’s how Shanice’s friends influenced her right into tumbling into a whole new world of Crypto despite being a consistent BPO employee for 13 years. She proved that being new to something doesn’t mean she can achieve less than those with more knowledge.

If you got inspired by Shanice, you could follow her on Twitter — @audreyshanice

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