Flex your TAG, Flex your Story: Nothing beats a journey with good company!

Tails of the AfterGlow
4 min readJun 16, 2022

It is not the destination but the company along the journey. 🤝

The ins and outs of Crypto can be quite daunting. That’s why we sometimes need companions who will support us along the way. The journey isn’t a bed of roses, yet in the middle of a field of thorns, you will find people who will be on your side. Today’s Flex your TAG, Flex your Story is a testament that home is not a place, it’s a feeling. Beyond bloodlines and filial ties, you can be part of a family that cherishes your soul!

Now, it is time to be inspired as we read mhiee’s narrative for our second Flex your TAG, Flex your Story submission! ✉️


Hello TAG beshies ❤.

I am Mark or also known as mhiee sa RDG and ExwhyZz Guild. Nagsimula ang Crypto P2E journey ko noong Nov 2021 while browsing Facebook. I suddenly stumbled upon a post about sa Pegaxy and I got really curious about it. So nag search ako about sa [Pegaxy] hanggang sa mapadpad ako sa official Discord nila which na naging way para mapunta ako and maging part ng RDG fam and naging way din naman para maging part ako ng ExwhyZz FAM ❤.

Honestly wala tlaga ako kaalam alam about sa P2E and Crypto pero naging way ang RDG and ang mga taong nakilala ko and naging kaibigan ko na matuto ako nang kaunti sa mga ganitong bagay. Kaya nang mag-announce na magkakaron ng project ang RDG na NFT-PFP, syempre support agad tayo dyan kasi dahil din naman sa RDG bakit naten naranasan and natutunan yung mga about [P2E] and mga opportunity na binigay nila sa mga iskolar together with the managers.

mhiee’s TAG NFT

Thankful ako sa RDG and TAG dahil nagkaroon ako ng mga bagong kaibigan at sa patuloy na pagbibigay nila ng opportunity [to] earn sa ating mga kapwa Pilipino. Lahat naman tayo ay nangangarap pumaldo pero hindi naman naten makakamit yan kung patuloy lang tayong aasa sa iba at hindi magsisikap sa sarili natin.

i just wanna share this wonderful quote to all RDG AND TAG FAM ❤. Sometimes GOD will give us a dream or promise but it won’t happen immediately. GOD will let us first go to the process & sometimes it’s a painful one. But it’s not just to make our lives harder, but it’s GOD way of molding our character and for us to be ready for the promotion. So please don’t give up your faith. Don’t lose hope no matter what happens. Don’t let your heart be troubled by what you see but be secured by His faithfulness. No matter how long it may take, one thing is for sure, GOD’s promises to you will happen. GOD will never fail you. Hindi lahat ng pinagpepray natin kay GOD ay kanyang sasagutin because some of our prayers may lead us to destruction. GOD’s “No” is not a rejection but rather it is a “redirection”. If your prayers are connected sa will ni GOD, HE will answer it and it will happen 😍😊 GOD is faithful and HE is just. AMEN GODBLESS us all. Well that’s all i can share ehehehe hoping to meet you all sa discord man or in person. More blessings to us all ~ mhiee

Mhiee started with zero knowledge about P2E and crypto at the start. With curiosity on one hand and a dream on the other, he started his journey into the crypto space. Later on, he joined the ExWhyZz sub-guild of RDG and found new companions who guided him in his journey of learning.

There’s no question that the crypto world is a jungle. While the growth potential is huge, it can also be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to have companions along the way who can support us as we navigate our crypto journey.

As we can look further at mhiee’s story, we can also find that opportunity always knocks on our doors. But sometimes the timing isn’t quite right or the results do not meet our expectations.

Nobody really knows what the crypto market has in store for us, but all this fear and uncertainty seems to be bearable if there is always someone out there to reach out to who can support us no matter what. The only thing that can be daunting is not knowing who to look for when we need it most.

Aside from that, it is also important to not lose hope and continue to fight for your goals. In mhiee’s case, faith in God is a powerful inspiration for him. We can also find our motivation through our families, close friends, and people who have our best interests in mind and will help us when things are difficult.

But to make things happen, we also need more than just good intentions and positive thinking. We need a plan of action and a strategy that will take us from where we are now all the way through to success. We need a plan of action that will help us achieve our goals and dreams.

If mhiee has inspired you, you might also relate to interesting stories on their YouTube Channel — https://www.youtube.com/c/ChoiiMhiee

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