Flex your TAG, Flex your Story: The Start — Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us!

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4 min readMay 31, 2022


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. — Lao Tzu

Some or most of us have started from nothing — not knowing a single thing about something. However, as we tread through life, we get to learn, discover, and explore many new things we have yet to know, all while experiencing both feats and defeats in every single step we take. But, in order for one to start such an adventure, one must take his first step! 🦶🏻

With that, it’s time to be in awe as we read Pogi’s story for our first entry of Flex your TAG, Flex your Story! 🤝🏻


“My TAG journey or crypto journey all started a year ago. Being a fresh graduate with no work, and being the kuya of the family, I was really pressured and dumagdag pa yung pandemic. Mas lalo nakakapressure since wala akong income and wala akong mabibigay na pera sa parents ko. Then may nakita ako sa feed ko na nilalaro ng mga friends ko. Nag research ako kung ano yung larong yun. Dun ko nalaman na may income pala yung larong yun. At ang larong yun ay Alien Worlds. Nagtanong ako sa mga kaibigan kung pano at ano maglaro or mag start ng Alien Worlds at dun ako nagka idea about crypto. Days passed then yung mga kakilala ko ni introduce ako sa Axie, isang P2E den na laro. Nagtanong ako pano makahanap ng manager etc. Then ni introduce nila saken ang isang guild called RDG. Dun ako nag start maghanap ng manager, luckily nakuha den akong scholar sa axie kaso nga lang hindi sa RDG. Pero kahit na hindi ako naging scholar sa RDG, palagi paden akong tumatambay sa lobby ng RDG kasi nag eenjoy ako makinig sa mga usapan, kantahan at chismisan. And madami den kasi akong mga kakilala na scholar sa RDG at yung iba nga ay manager na sila sa RDG.

Months passed, may bagong laro or may bagong P2E game na partner yung RDG. Then me and my friends decided na sumugal at mag invest sa bagong laro nato since partner sila ng RDG and nakikita namin na maganda ang larong to. Good thing is that whitelisted ako and I was able to buy 2 Founding Pegas. Then the rest is history na.

Pressured being a fresh graduate with no job, added responsibility of being the eldest in the family, COVID-19 hitting the country, rendering opportunities to halt, Pogi was in distress. He wasn’t in a good place at that time. But, who knew that a door of hope would open for him and would change his life forever?

For Pogi, his journey to the Crypto space began through a single connection — a friend. It all started when he saw his friend posted about Alien Worlds, which he later discovered is a game you can earn from while playing or what we know as a play-to-earn (P2E) game after doing some research.

His will, eagerness to learn, and curiosity led him to various possibilities, including learning more about Crypto. Aside from that, he was also introduced to another P2E game, Axie, and became part of the Real Deal Guild community — making it again all possible through the help of his friend, a life-changing connection.

He surrounded himself with goal-oriented people and with similar goals as his. He ventured into the metaverse and invested despite the risk associated.

From a freshman graduate with no job to being a scholar and becoming a manager after a long journey, he became successful and was able to sincerely give back by providing scholarships to aspirants, and supporting RDG’s project — Tails of the AfterGlow by minting 11 NFTs and became one of the Alphas.

Ika nga, “‘pag may tiyaga, may nilaga.”

Pogi proved that nothing hinders a person from manifesting and achieving it despite how challenging life can be. For him, “nothing” means nothing can stop him from achieving his goals and taking his duty as the kuya to provide what he can for the family.

With that, we can say that Crypto isn’t just about earning. It’s a memorable experience, adventure, and numerous possibilities as we discover more about what’s into it. Like Pogi, the metaverse became an opportunity to meet other people and make things bigger despite the long journey he had to go through before reaching his point of life now.

Let this be an inspiration to all of us, not just for people in the metaverse, but for all that life has endless possibilities. Our lives are in our hands. Like in Crypto, it may always seem that every decision we make has a 50–50 chance; remember that it can be a 70–30 or even more if we diversify until everything turns possible from impossible.

WAGMI. We’re all going to make it.

If you got inspired by Pogi, you could follow him on Twitter — @bonnsanity#5635

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